What Really Grinds your Gears? Read our Top 5 Driving Pet Peeves

What Really Grinds your Gears? Read our Top 5 Driving Pet Peeves

What’s the most annoying thing on the road?

That was the question we posed – and thought we’d answered – a couple of months ago, but it seems our list wasn’t quite as exhaustive as we first thought. You lot had no trouble coming up with even more things that really grind your gears!

So, in no particular order, here are another top five driving pet peeves…

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1. You take the (moral) high road

peeve 1

So you make a genuine mistake – maybe you pull away from the lights a little early, or don’t realise you should have given the oncoming traffic right of way – and you duly apologise with a slight raise of the hand and a look of contrition.

But that’s not enough and so you’re given a look that could turn milk sour before feeling the full force of a slow-motion, and often inaudible, verbal volley that calls everything from your driving skills to your parentage into question.

2. Tailgate party


“How could anyone forget tailgating?” – a great question and thanks to Rob for asking it.

We’ve probably all experienced tailgating first hand at one time or another, usually when we’re doing a perfectly legitimate bit of overtaking in the outside lane of the motorway and absent-mindedly forget that lane is the property of anyone driving an expensive, high-powered, executive saloon.

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It’s ok though, so you’re left in no doubt as to who owns said stretch of road, the executive saloon driver will considerately flash their lights and wave their arms at you as they approach your rear bumper at break-neck speed.

3. More motorway madness


It’s almost as if some drivers save up all their idiotic ideas so they can unleash them as soon as they get anywhere near a motorway.

Those drivers who stick in the inside lane, not budging for oncoming traffic, do so with a steely determination – you can tell because they stare dead ahead and repeat “no, you’re not getting in, no” as if it makes any difference to the poor soul to the left who is quickly running out of slip road.

And the worst thing is, these drivers sit in the inside lane due to some misguided notion that the people joining the motorway are somehow at fault and should wait their turn to join the flow of traffic.

4. The rebels without a clue


Being cool means different things to different people – for some, it’s driving a certain type of car, for others, it’s wearing the right clothes, while some others think it’s all about the music you listen to.

And then there are those road users who think they’re cool because they don’t indicate – we’ve all seen them, steering with one hand, smoking Gauloises with the other, Serge Gainsbourg blaring out as they corner with gay abandon – sans indicators, bien sûr!

5. Taxi drivers


Good point, well made.

6. And finally…

I know we said ‘another top 5 driving pet peeves’ but in order to ensure there wasn’t a road user out there we haven’t covered, let’s give Anne the last word…or two…


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