7 Animals Behind the Wheel

7 Animals Behind the Wheel

Whether it’s animals acting strange, animals acting like people, or animals just doing the cute things animals do, the world wide web (does anyone still call it that?!) just can’t get enough.

And if you’ve ever had to coax nervous cat or dog into the car, you’ll be all too aware that some pets just don’t travel well at all. So we tracked down animals taking their first ever car rides, and it’s fair to say that some are more cut out for life on the road than others…

Stop the world, I want to get off

Life seems to be moving a little too fast for this confused feline…


Wind beneath my… cheeks

There’s nothing quite like an open road and the feel of the wind in your… cheeks.


Don’t have a cow

It’s hard to tell what emotion cows are feeling, this one doesn’t look too happy to be out in the car though…


It’s so beautiful, man

Hard to tell what sort of a trip this cat’s taking…



Watch how this dog loves the g-force build up…


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