9 Car Name Blunders

Dodge Swinger

Anyone searching for the perfect thing to call their newborn will know timing is everything. The fashion for baby’s names changes as quickly as a celebrity’s whim. Remember when the Zika virus epidemic was spreading through Latin America? Well Tata found this out the hard way when they released their new hatchback the Zica. Unfortunately for motor manufacturers this isn’t the first time cars have ended up with some rather embarrassing and offensive handles, so here’s our list of 9 names to forget.

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tata zica

Tata Zica

An abbreviation of Zippy Car, Tata’s new kid on the block was launched with a big budget advertising campaign starring Lionel Messi but it was back to the drawing board after this mishap.

Ford Kuga

Thankfully for Ford this one’s got a different name back in the good of U. S. of A. The spelling might be a bit off but it’s pronounced Cougar, a American slang term for ladies of a certain age on the prowl for a younger model.

Ford Probe

Ford Probe

Ford at it again and I’m not sure this one needs much explaining, cars are supposed to sound desirable aren’t they? Who ever said they wanted a Probe?

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Dodge Swinger

Perhaps this one was conceived during the summer of love, it was the swinging sixties after all. The Dodge Dart was in production for 16 years in North America and included the rather unfortunately named Swinger derivative.

nissan homy super long

Nissan Homy Super Long

More of a bus than a car, this vehicle is super long, probably so you can fit more of your homies in it. Sounds like another double entendre to us though.

Mazda LaPuta

Definitely a case of lost in translation, the Japanese manufacturer no doubt thought it sounded classy, glamourous and European. Unfortunately in Spanish ‘LaPuta’ means prostitute.

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Toyota MR2

Who would’ve thought a couple of initials and a number could cause offence? The MR2 was a real design classic that evolved through the 80s and 90s to stay as desirable as ever all over the world, that’s all apart from French speaking countries where pronouncing M R 2 sounds like merde, a slang word for excrement.


Mitsubishi Starion

Speaking of pronunciation this car was supposed to be the continuation of a range of horse themed motor monikers with the majestic name Stallion. The confused car they ended up with was the result of a strong Japanese accent, the name stuck and a Starion was born.

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Ford Escort

Perhaps the most famous and successful car on this list, to escort something is to transport it whilst protecting along the way. Sounds like the perfect name for car, unless the name also means prostitute of course.




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