Keep Your Car Vomit-Free: Top Tips For Travel Sickness Sufferers

Do you suffer from motion sickness? If you have a long journey planned, take the following steps to minimise the symptoms.

Anyone who has experienced car sickness will know how unpleasant and uncomfortable it can be. Even if you personally haven’t experienced it yourself, it’s likely someone in your family is susceptible to motion sickness and you’ve seen them go green around the gills before! There are precautions you can take before you leave, to combat this unfortunate condition. Don’t let it ruin your holiday or big day out!

1. Watch What You Eat And Drink

You may notice that if you’ve been out on the town the night before, a long journey with a lot of alcohol in your system can massively trigger your motion sickness. Avoid alcohol and stodgy meals before you travel, otherwise, they may not stay in your stomach for long! Instead, keep your meals light, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and take a huge flask of ginger tea; ginger can help reduce nausea, so ginger-flavoured sweets can also work wonders.

2. Sit In The Front Seat

In most cars, there seems to be an unspoken power hierarchy, with the older passengers sitting in the front seat. If they have no problems with car sickness, shotgun the front. Sitting in the front seat can drastically bring down your motion sickness.

3. Don’t Read or Look Down

This one is vital – don’t read, don’t watch a screen…in fact, don’t do anything that involves looking down. This includes fishing around in your bag or texting; the more you move, the more likely you are to get motion sick. Just keep looking forward.

4. Ensure A Source Of Air

Always keep a window open to allow for some fresh air. That failing, get the cool air vents working. It’s important to avoid getting too warm, as this can heighten travel sickness. Immediately take your coat or jumper off when you get into the car and aim to keep cool.

5. Nod Off The Nausea

If you have the happy knack of easily falling asleep while travelling, this is the perfect time to kip. Not only will you nap through big portions of the long journey, but you will bypass that terrible motion sickness by being unconscious! Yay!

6. Medication And Acupressure

Most chemists will offer some over-the-counter medication that can allegedly help ease the symptoms of travel sickness. However, many sufferers of motion sickness swear by acupressure bands. Even though they are a bit uncomfortable to wear, they seem to work. Whether this is a placebo effect or not, that’s up for you to decide! It’s a great option if you’d rather avoid medication.

7. Banish Powerful Smells

Many people have problems with strong in-car smells, such as food, triggering their motion sickness. Ask everyone to avoid wearing powerful perfume or bringing stinky snacks on the journey and you should get to your destination just fine.

Do you have any recommendations for easing motion sickness? We’d love to hear them!




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  1. Hi Ed,

    great article. Did you know that a really high tech app won an award for innovative technology?

    The content of the Nevasic app was clinically trialled by Westminster College of Medicine over an 18 month trial with travel / motion sickness sufferers.

    Their results – published in the International Journal of Travel Medicine showed such a level of success the abstract actually stated “product provided significant protection”.

    Not many people talk about it in the media so articles that include it tend to be rare as most like to stay within the preserve of what’s been around for generations.


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