There's been a definite wintery feel to the mornings the past few weeks with many of us being greeted by a frozen windscreen as we leave for work.

We're all guilty of quickly scraping a small section of our windscreen and attempting to drive, but that's a big NO-NO – stay safe and make sure you've properly de-iced your car before you set off.


How to de-ice a windscreen

A frozen windscreen is SO frustrating when you're in a rush – so what's the best way to de-ice your car?

1. Get up a little bit earlier in the mornings so you're not rushing around and late for work.

2. Buy a good ice scraper. Mine is one with a waterproof and fleecy mitten attached, no cold hands for me!

3. If you can't be bothered scraping your windscreen, get a can of de-icing spray to help it along.

4. Soak a towel in salt water and leave it on your windscreen overnight.

5. If that seems too much work, a saltwater spray will work just as well as a de-icing spray.

6. If you've got no salt in, you can mix surgical spirit or any alcohol with water (two parts alcohol, one part water) instead.

7. Buy screen wash that includes de-icer; this will prevent the nozzles from freezing.

8. Buy a car with a heated windscreen – may seem a bit extreme, but if you're thinking of selling your car then upgrading to a car with this feature will help save you time.


Do you have any other tips for de-icing your car? Share them with us in the comments.