6 Cool Traffic Lights from Across the World

6 Cool Traffic Lights from Across the World

Did you know…on 3rd August 1926 the first traffic lights were installed in Britain. They popped up at Piccadilly Circus in London and haven’t left us alone since! That red light has caused endless frustration for drivers, but what would you say if I told you that traffic lights could actually be, well, fun?!

Well here’s the proof. These cool traffic lights from across the world (sadly not in Britain) will make that waiting time a little less frustrating. From smileys in Sweden to space invaders in France, these countries have got it right.

Space Invaders – Paris, France

Space Invaders Traffic Lights

Businessman – Unknown

Business Man Funny Walks Traffic Lights

Icons – Berlin, Germany

Berlin Traffic Lights - Icons - Love Heart Star Drop

Smiley faces – Reykjavik, Sweden

Smiley Faces Traffic Lights - Berlin

Marching man – Berlin, Germany


Love heart – Copenhagen, Denmark

Love Heart Traffic Lights -Copenhagen, Denmark

But we’re going to give Britain a bit of kudos here. Although that actual working traffic lights, this sculpture in Canary Wharf was designed by Pierre Vivant and has 75, yes SEVENTY FIVE, sets of traffic lights.

Canary Wharf Traffic Lights Tree


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