Eliminate Car Tantrums With Our 5 Thrifty Tips

Eliminate Car Tantrums With Our 5 Thrifty Tips

Are you about to embark on a long car journey with your kids? A few hours in the car is enough to stress out even the most stable of adults, let alone children. But don’t panic, you can wave goodbye to toddler tantrums and bickering siblings: we’ve got five brilliant and simple tricks to help keep everyone (yes, including you!) cool, calm and collected throughout the journey.

1. Cosmetics Bag Becomes The DIY Car Kit:



You’ve got your emergency kit in the boot, but what about those other essentials and extras which make car journeys a happier place? Think: tissues, a torch, hand sanitiser, sweets and spare chargers all in one place for when you need them. Using a travel cosmetic bag with see-through compartments like the one pictured above makes for easy storage and easy access. Genius. Check out this kit list for everything you’ll ever need.

2.Ring Binder and Zip-up Pouches Becomes Travel Activity Pack



This one is a real favourite of ours. Transform basic office supplies into a portable and lightweight car activities pack, using only a hole-punch and a bit of creativity. When it comes to the activities, you can get as adventurous as you like. Looking for a bit of inspiration? Have a gander at these genius ideas, including puzzles, ‘I Spy bags’ and memory games. Car journey boredom is a thing of the past!

 3. Door Hanging Becomes Back Of Seat Storage:



String a door or shoe storage hanger on the back of the front seats to store in-car entertainment and provisions. I know, I know… why didn’t I think of that?! Ideal for filling with anything from toys to snacks to roadmaps and first aid kits, this ingenious little trick is a lifesaver on long journeys.

4. Tackle/Craft Box Becomes Car Snack Storage:



We can’t get enough of this one! Keep all your snacks fresh, avoid lots of wrappers hanging around your car and portion control using nothing more than a (preferably clean) tackle box. Cereal, popcorn, dried fruit and vegetable sticks all make for great, nutritious car-friendly snacks to nip hunger-induced tantrums in the bud: just pop your snacks into the separate compartments and you’re good to go! We think it looks a bit more exciting this way, too! For more healthy, no-mess snack inspiration, check out these ideas.

5. Ziplock Bag Becomes Car Seat Cinema:



Perhaps the most obvious ‘duh!’ moment you’ll ever have, we bring you the oh-so-technical ziplock bag tablet display system. The iBag, if you will. Clever, isn’t it? All you need is a little duct tape or velcro, and voila! An in-car cinema. Your child is entertained for hours, and by punching a hole in the bag to thread earphones through, you have your own peace and quiet, too. Win/win! Just don’t forget your charger (see #1).


Have you tried any of these ideas? Got any more tricks up your sleeves? Let us know in the comments below!

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