5 safe driving tips for parents

Safe Driving Tips for Parents

Driving with kids in the car can be stressful, fuelled by distractions and child safety regulations. In this guide, we share some of our top tips for staying safe on the road with children in tow.

Stay sane on the school run

Are you sick of the daily struggle to nab a parking spot at the school gates? Set off a little earlier and bag pole position while the rest of the parents battle it out.

If you miss out on the best parking space, it can be tempting to park on zig-zag lines, but these restrictions are there to keep children safe, so resist the urge and park a safe distance away.

The walk to the playground will allow the kids to take in some fresh air and get set for the school day, too.

Keep toys and pacifiers tethered

Nobody wants to feel the thud of a plastic toy hitting them in the face mid-drive, or deal with an all-out tantrum thanks to a lost dummy, so tether toys and pacifiers to car seats where possible to prevent them from being dropped or thrown around the car, which can be a major distraction.

Safe Driving Tips for Parents

Cast a watchful eye over the kids

The latest parenting guides tell us that rear-facing car seats are the way to go, but this makes it very difficult to check on your little one when you’re on the move.

Installing a mirror on the rear windscreen of your car allows you to have a quick glance at your child, and you’ll be able to react quickly if anything is wrong.

Just make sure you don’t spend too long cooing, as taking your eyes away from the road even for a few seconds can be extremely dangerous.

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Take a break

Despite our best efforts, tantrums and other unfortunate incidents can happen during a car ride. If things get a bit much, don’t be tempted to deal with the problem on the go.

Instead, pull over when it’s safe to do so, and fix the issue when you’re stationary. You’ll be able to devote your full attention to the problem at hand in the safest way.

Educate older children

Although younger children won’t understand the need to be calm and quiet in the car, it’s a good idea to chat to your older children about ways that they can make your car rides safer.

Teach them some basic rules about not shouting or arguing, throwing toys, opening doors and windows, removing seatbelts and sticking arms and legs out of the window. You can also explain how car seats help to keep them safe and encourage them to set an example for younger siblings.

If you’d like to discover more of our top tips and guides for families, explore the rest of our blog.




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