15 Things That Happen on a Girls’ Holiday

15 Things That Happen on a Girls' Holiday

Girls Trip hits the cinemas this weekend – four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans for a girls’ holiday. And as with any trip there’s a few hiccups along the way.

With the summer upon us and holidays with friends planned, we put together funny list of things that happen on every girls’ holiday.

15 Things That Happen on a Girls’ Holiday

1. Weeks before, this question will be posted in the group chat: “What you wearing to the airport?”

2. You’ll arrange a minibus transfer and one person will be late because they’re last minute packing.

3.Someone will have to sit on a suitcase while it’s forced shut.

4. And it’s guaranteed a few of you will be over your luggage allowance.

5. Then there’s confusion over what goes in your clear plastic bag in security.

6. And there’s always one who’s “forgotten” to put something in the clear plastic bag.

7. So you all have to wait while they’re frisked and their hand luggage is ransacked.

8. Someone will “check in” at the airport on Facebook as soon as you’re through security.

9. You’ll buy unnecessary perfume at Duty Free because it’s a couple quid cheaper.

10. There’ll be one person missing when boarding is called, she’ll be in the toilet.

11. And you’ll have an argument deciding who sits where on the plane.

12. But you’ll make sure you get those group plane selfies in.

13. As soon as the wheels touch the tarmac, everyone’s oversize sunnies come out. Even though you’re still in the plane.

14. How on Earth is your suitcase heavier on the way back?

15. But after the hiccups, you’ll be checking your availability on the way home to book for next year.




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