12 Things That Happen at a Car Wash

12 Things That Happen at a Car Wash

It’s got to that point when people are writing “hilarious” sentences in the dirt on your car. Yes, it’s time to wash your car. But since your car has got so dirty, you’re unlikely to be the type to spend your Sunday morning washing it, that’s where the car wash comes in.

You were probably scared of them when you were younger…and still secretly a little bit as an adult!

Here are 12 funny things that happen to everyone when they go to a car wash!

Pulling up and being confused about the different wash options.

Wondering what’s the difference between a Super and an Extra wash.

Being overly concerned about your tyres not being on the tracks.

And whether or not you leave your handbrake on or off.

Are questioning if there are any actual humans around to save you in case it all goes wrong.

Then double (and triple) checking you’ve shut your windows.

Oh and the sunroof (even though you’ve never used it).

Being overly jumpy when the brushes start going over your car, even though you knew it was happening.

Hesitating whether or not it’s time to drive off.

And worrying that your tyres are stuck on the tracks.

Driving off like you’ve just picked up a black, shiny Ferrari…instead of an 8-year-old Ford Fiesta.

And then it starts raining. Great.




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