Would You Drive A ‘Tron’ Car? 10 Of The World’s Most Awesome Paintjobs!

Would You Drive A 'Tron' Car? 10 Of The World’s Most Awesome Paintjobs!

Although many may be loathe to admit it, the colour of a car is one of its most important features – nothing screams Ferrari like rosso corsa (racing red), fewer things say the 70s like a Beetle in signal orange, while an original Mini in racing green is the quintessence of British motorsport.

There are some though, who take the paint job one step beyond to give their car a one-of-a-kind character – and here are 10 of the coolest…

1. George Harrison’s Tantrum Art Mini (above image)
If you were to take the 60s and put it on four wheels, it’d probably come out looking something like this – George Harrison’s custom built Austin Cooper S was originally painted in metallic black but was given a Tantrum Art makeover in 1967 and used in the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ film. Far out.

2. John Lennon’s Rolls Royce

Just like George Harrison’s Tantrum Mini, John Lennon’s Rolls Royce Phantom V was originally black but was given a psychedelic makeover in 1967, getting a yellow spray job before being adorned with hand-painted patterns in red, blue, and green. It could also be the first ‘pimped’ ride, having the back seats replaced by a double bed before having a television, fridge, phone and a ‘floating’ record player fitted that could spin discs without being affected by bumps in the road.


Image by RedCraig on Flickr

3. VW GT Beetle

From Beatles to Beetles – it’s 1972, Beatlemania has bitten the dust and the UK is about to be plunged into darkness by the first of two major miner’s strikes. VW releases the GT Beetle in three striking colourways including lemon yellow and tomato red – best of all was the apple green, you wouldn’t be missed on even the darkest of roads driving this.


4. The Dark Knight Rises Nissan Juke
Released to coincide with the release of 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, this special edition Nissan Juke featured a Batmobile-esque matte black finish and came complete with Bat-symbol insignia on the grille and headrests. Nissan thought better of including Tumbler-style machine guns, which weren’t even an optional extra.


5. The Spongebob Toyota Highlander
If the Nissan Juke’s understated paint job is at one end of the cool paint job scale, the Spongebob Toyota Highlander is at the other. And wait ‘til you see the interior!



Value my car


6. Ford GT Gulf Le Mans

If ever there was an iconic paint job, it’s the Ford GT Le Mans with Gulf livery. If ever there was a cool car driver, it’s Steve McQueen – so this has to be one of the coolest paint jobs around.


Image by 74-ant-ma on Flickr

7. Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc

A standard Bugatti paint job takes a month if you want the hand-painted blue swirl dripped on white though you’ll have to wait three times as long. And once the paint dries you’ll have to wait a further two days while inspectors give it a good look over with a magnifying glass. It looks well worth the wait though.


Image by David Villarreal Fernandez on Flickr

8. Aston Martin DB9 Carbon

As if the Aston Martin DB9 Carbon didn’t look cool enough, this one comes with a complete carbon fiber colour scheme.



Image by _bianconaro on Flickr

9.Lamborghini Aventador ‘Tron’

How do you make a Lamborghini Aventador look even cooler and stand out even more than it normally does? Give it a paint job that makes it look like its leapt out of a videogame.


10. BMW Art Cars

17 BMW art cars have been produced since 1975 and they could almost fill this feature twice over, just take a look at these…


Image by Edvvc on Flickr


Image by Edvvc on Flickr


Image by Edvvc on Flickr


Image by Edvvc on Flickr

Header image by hereticsun on Flickr


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