007’s New Wheels in Spectre

007’s New Wheels in Spectre

Bond is back, and soon. I’m tempted to have a vodka martini, shaken not stirred, in celebration. It might steady the nerves for all the fast-paced, stunt-heavy, sensory overload action that will come blitzing its way out of the cinema screen very soon now.

The new Bond film Spectre is scheduled for release on 26 October, starring the lusciously tough Daniel Craig in his fourth appearance as special agent 007 James Bond. It also stars Naomie Harris as Miss Moneypenny, and Dave Bautista as the villainous assassin Mr Hinx, a member of the criminal agency SPECTRE, from which the film gets its name. The director is Sam Mendes, masterminding his second Bond film, after Skyfall.

SB-Mr Hinx


We have been taking a close look at some of the cars that will be featuring in Spectre, and it’s some pretty exotic metal. The Spectre cars were showcased by Jaguar Land Rover at a star-studded party this week, staged in a glamorous venue on the evening of press day at the Frankfurt Motor Show. From the auditorium hung with vast chandeliers to the champagne in ice buckets frothing with clouds of dry ice, and live music by the energy powerhouse that is John Newman, it was a spectacular evening.

SB-Bond cars dry ice


The stunt cars we’ll be seeing in the film include a very beefy Land Rover and an absolutely gorgeous Jaguar. We now know that the new Bond film will feature a high-speed car chase through the moonlit streets of Rome, with Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 hotly pursued by Hinx in the Jaguar C-X75.

What is a C-X75? It’s a hybrid supercar, with a carbon fibre body, a petrol-electric drivetrain and more than 850 bhp power output. It was developed by Jaguar in collaboration with the Williams Formula One team. Jaguar design chief Ian Callum has described the C-X75 as “the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever created”. He should know.

Oh yes, I hear you cry. When will we see it on the road? Even if the eye-watering price is way beyond reach, what a wonderful home-bred supercar to spot scorching the tarmac! Sad news, I’m afraid. Jaguar has no plans to put the car into production, so it will just be a screen star, not a road one.

The other JLR Bond cars are both Land Rovers. One is a Defender Bigfoot. Is it really big? Well you decide. It sits on 37-inch all-terrain tyres, which is a whole lot bigger than the 16-inch rings of rubber that most family cars ride on. The other Bond Land Rover is a Range Rover Sport SVR, the ultimate Rangie with a 543 bhp supercharged engine.

SB-JLR Bond cars (2)


Guess who was on my plane home from the Frankfurt Motor Show? None other than Miss Moneypenny. When I spotted her, I had an urgent look around for Bond himself, but sadly it was Double-0-zero not 007. Ah well, at least we’ve managed to get up close and personal with the cars, if not the man.





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