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After you’ve retrieved your online car valuation, you’ll be able to book an appointment at one of our 200+ UK branches. Here are some handy tips you can use to ensure your car is in the best possible condition before attending your appointment.

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  • Keys

    Bring the car’s spare key along with you, plus all the relevant paperwork you have, showing your correct details.

  • Repairs

    Don’t attempt cosmetic repairs yourself unless you are an expert – botched repairs can often have a worse effect on value than the original issue.

  • Clean

     Now's the time to get your car professionally cleaned, inside and out.

  • Warranty

    Maintain your manufacturer’s warranty by adhering to the service requirements it outlines.

  • Dashboard

    Fix any issues highlighted by the car’s dashboard warning lights. Use either your trusted mechanic or alternatively, many drive-in national chains offer on-the-spot mechanical and cosmetic fixes – some may even be covered on your warranty.

  • Tyres

    Check your tyre tread depth. We recommend that it is at least 2mm across the central three quarters of your tyre's circumference.

  • Service history

    Check, check and double check! Entering a car's service history incorrectly is a major reason why the price quoted may not be the price you get. Make sure you have your logbook and service history records with you. Any service history at all is better than none.

  • Windscreen

    Got a chip in your windscreen? Most insurers will fix it free of charge – check your policy and if you qualify, get it sorted before you attend your appointment.

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